Free2Be Business-Life Coach

For a business this programme can be changed to suit the needs of the team(s) attending. When attending a Group life coaching, the added advantage is that the brainstorming may bring ideas you did not think of yourself. You may meet people how have a solution to one of your most enduring questions and you may be the answer to someone else problems. Team life coaching is a lot more than a life coaching programme. It is motivation, goal setting, effective communication programme that can promote the idea of the teams working together and motivating each other to work toward the goal that is the result of the mission statement. Group life coaching is life coaching for individuals who would like the added benefit of brainstorming their goals with other people, who they may not know as yet and may get to know and of course this leads to motivating each other. What you have to look forward to with our coaching program! We start with the end in mind, with the Goals you are aiming at. – Goals are…